1. The Adventure Twins is an adventure for level 5 members.
  2. The artwork of the adventure shows a giant red chomper plant and 4 jammers looking down a flight of stairs. At the bottom, there are two giant phantoms the size of the phantom king(s) that resemble a fennec fox and a normal fox with one purple pupil-less eye and spiked tentacles on their backs. Above the jammers and oversized phantoms is a stormy sky with lightning bolts thundering down.
  3. This adventure is set before the adventure Spirit Adventure.

The Adventure Twins

The adventure starts with Sir Gilbert (twist.....) and Saffron telling the player that Amelia and Amee were wandering along, exploring the area when they were kidnapped by phantoms. You must enter the village and defeat phantoms (20 in total), find paw spheres, and rescue native fennec foxes. Once you discover all 5 paw spheres, head to the giant stone wall and place the spheres inside to open the wall. Before entering the wall, you can open the adventure caves on the side of the wall (left for fennec fox, right for fox). You will encounter phantom versions of Amelia and Amee. After a short cutscene showing your animal and the two fake alphas, they will first roar, then they will try to slash at you when they get close enough. Hide behind stones so the phantom alphas will smash the rock revealing red Boomseeds. Grab the seeds and climb the plaza steps and put them in the flower pot (the phantom alphas can't climb the plaza steps). After gaining five, a short cutscene starts, showing the jammers putting seeds into the pot, then a single thread appears. it starts to grow, turning into a four-jawed red chomper with two smaller green chompers beside it. Then, it devours the fake alphas (they are devoured like normal phantoms) Afterward, it will open a cave filled with phantom goo and phantoms guarding a locked cage. After you kill all twenty of the phantoms and get the phantom key, the cage opens up. Inside, are the real alphas. They will thank you and open up the end portal. The end portal is purple and black and has black statues of the twin alphas.


  • Amee's Lemon Amulet (clothing)
  • Adventure Twins fountain (den)
  • Paw Sphere (den)
  • Chomper Pot (den)
  • 500 gems
  • 1000 gems


  • The transformation of the phantom bosses in the adventure is similar to the thing's transformation from the movie The Thing.
  • There are cameo appearances of the spirit animals throughout the fennec fox village, the phantom prison and the start of the adventure.
  • This is the first appearance of Sir Gilbert, Amelia, Amee and Saffron in an adventure.