This Adventure is for all jammers. It introduces the Spirit Animals, and is a tutorial.

It starts as your animal is spawned into a dojo, with the Earth Wolf Spirit. It (looks like a he) will tell you that you are here to learn a new way of killing phantoms. Depending on your animal, you go though training for the element, Earth animals will uses vines, dust and rocks to attack phantom dummies. Fire will use fire and electricity, Ice will use ice and water, and Air can use wind.


Fire/Lightning: Raccoon, Lion, Fox, Giraffe, Allosaurus, Monkey, Asian and European Dragons, Lioness, Tasmanian Devils, Xenoceratops and Jackal.

Ice/Water: Yak, Polar Bear, Otter, Arctic Wolves, Snow Leopard, Cheetah, Deer, Beavers, Penguins, Seals, Crocs, Dolphins, Hynerpeton and Kronosaurus.

Air/Storm: Eagle, Loon, Horse, Pelicans, Deinonychus, Fruit Bat, Owl, Manticore, Crowned Cranes, Unicorns, Kangaroos, Bunny, Heron, Quetzal and Sheep.

Earth/Dust: Wolf, Tiger, Rhino, elephant, Lynx, Panda, Hyena, Apatosaurus, Beagle, Chupacabra, Ghairal, Hare, Hedgehog, Jaguar, Moose, Oppossum, Grizzly, Painted dogs, Sloths, Squirrels.

After the tutorial's finished, your animal (depending on the element) will be either sucked into a firestorm, fall into a crevice caused by an earthquake, fall into a lake and get sucked into a whirlpool and/or get sucked into a F5 tornado. (its shown in a cutscene, B.T.W.) after the cutscene finishes, another one starts showing a giant phantom that is the opposite of whatever element your animal is. For example: fire elementals fight a water/ice elemental phantom in a tundra field, water/ice elementals fight a fire/lightning phantom in a lava lair, air elementals fight a ground phantom under the earth and earth/dust elementals fight a air phantom in a giant supercell storm. After the phantom flies away after getting defeated, a portal opens and you go back to the dojo. There, the Air Eagle spirit warns you of dark times that will come in the future, and that the earth wolf spirit was taken by phantoms. After it (looks like a she) finishes talking, the portal opens and you go back to the adventure camp.