The Adventure begins with Sir Gilbert telling you that he was studying one of the local Harpy Eagles, then was told by a two Spix's macaws that strange creatures are invading the rainforest and are on a beeline to the Spix macaw tribe territory.

After you finish talking to Sir Gilbert,you walk down to an Eye-Lashed pit viper and ask it questions. It will tell you about a strange creature with tentacles and only one eye. Then it well tell you a shape. After talking to the viper, you must walk back to where you met Gilbert, where he become suspicious of the creature the snake mentioned.

After telling Sir Gilbert about the creature the viper mentioned,he will then tell you that you must stop the creatures from destroying the forest.

You and Gilbert then walk up to Cornelius, the Crocodile alpha. Cornelius will swim you across the river blocking your path. Then you will find a Toco Toucan. The Toucan will tell you that the creatures you heard about are phatoms and will bring death and destruction wherever they go and you have to get to the Canopy of the rain forest. He will mention of a Harpy Eagle named Talon. On the way you Encounter a phantom chain-chopper.

The toucan appears and will drop boomseeds onto the chainchopper, causing it to blow up. The viper then appears and gives you a few boomseeds.

You walk up the bridges and climb and swing on vines. About half way up, you find a wooden hut with a couple of feathers in front of the entrance. You have to draw the shape the snake talked about which is actually two feathers in an X shape.

When done, the door will open up and will reveal a a small bonsai tree with a blue, glowing boomseed on it. You need this boom seed to destroy the Phantom Chain-choppers. Gilbert and Cornelius will then say that they will escort the other animals to safety.

Once the player goes up the bridge, a pure black phantom chain chomper appears with the phantom king inside of it. (Its shown in a cutscene.) In order to destroy the black chain-chopper, you have to disable the saws on it using the blue boomseed, then using normal boomseeds on the wheels for about 18 Just as it starts to explode, The phantom king attempts to escape the exploding machine but is destroyed by the ensuring explosion.As you get up higher, destroying more phantom chain choppers, you will find Talon, the Harpy Alpha. She dives down on some boomseeds and gives them to the player, The player must then must place them on the Chain-Choppers exhaust pipes, which'll show them falling down the pipe then causing it to blow up. When you defeat the phantoms, Talon will thank you for saving the forest and will then leave, opening the portal. After going through the portal, the player will be rewarded with the ability to hold more then 3 boomseeds.


Hard Mode

Top left: Pet Toucan

Top middle: Harpy Eagle

Top: Right: Durian Tree

Bottom Left: Raflesia

Bottom Right: Rainforest Hut Den


Top Left: 1000 gems

Top Middle: 1 Diamond

Top Right: Bromilead

Bottom Left: Pet Viper

Bottom Right: 500 gems