Mira's Prophecy Is an adventure that is for lvl 8 members only that introduces the corrupted spirit animals, the phantom demons, Mira and Kronyin. It is set after the Spirit Animals and The Adventure Twins adventures.

Mira's Prophecy

The adventure starts with Greely, Liza, Sir Gilbert and Peck telling the player that they have found a prophecy that says Mira has started to awaken from her 2,000 years of hibernation and that there is an abundance of yang energy empowering all the spirit stones. They also say that there has been a pulse of yin energy that has shorted out all the technology in jamaa and Kronyin, a much revered god of war worshipped by the phantoms has started to awaken as well. They all say that there is not much time until they awaken and do battle, which will destroy jamaa and the borderlands of it.Once you finish talking to them, you must get 5 pawstones and blow up all the phantom watchers that are protecting a cage. Once all 10 of the watchers get blown up, the cage opens up and text on the screen appears, saying foolish animals, you have fallen into my trap! Once the text dissapears, a cutscene showing a demonic panda with phantom tentacles appearing from the cage starts. Once it finishes, The Air eagle spirit from the last adventure appears and says that this is a corrupted spirit animal. Once you finish talking to it, the spirit disappears, leaving some elemental boomseeds behind. Once the spirit leaves, the corrupted spirit panda roars and charges at the jammer. you must avoid its rock and vine attacks by hiding behind rocks and bushes that randomly appear in the room. to deal damage to it, you must wait for it to run out of vines and rocks, then grab the white elemental boomseeds and use the wind attack on the corrupted spirit panda. Once you attack it 8 times with the wind attack, it'll turn the ground surrounding it into spikes and use a beam of electricity that'll instantly K.O the player's animal. Now you must grab the blue elemental boomseeds and use the water attack on the beam of electricity. This will cause the corrupted spirit animal to get shocked by its own attack and get purified in the process. The panda spirit will thank you and dissapear. Then the ground starts to shake and the air eagle spirit appears and tells you that in the time you spent battling the panda spirit kronyin and mira have awoken fully. The spirit also says that the earth wolf spirit is going to be sacrificed to kronyin. It then teleports you to the excavation site where kronyin is, in kimbara. Once you get teleported there, the koalas and kangaroos there say that you are Jamaas only hope in saving it(apart from mira) and that you must destroy kronyin yourself if mira is defeated by kronyin. After they finish talking to you, they will offer you two weapons. It'll switch to a screen similar to the endscreen at the end of an adventure. You must pick one of the two chests and click the one you fancy. if you choose the treasure chest on the right, you will get a bow-and-arrow. the kangaroos and koalas will say "good choice!" if you click the one on the right, you get a pirate sword. The kangaroos and koalas will do the curious emote and say "we're not sure if that'll defeat Kronyin." after you choose a weapon, a cutscene starts showing Kronyin awakening fully and the phantoms cheering for eat the earth wolf spirit. Once the cutscene finishes, the air eagle spirit arrives and says there isn't much time left. Then another cutscene starts showing Kronyin roaring and releasing thousands of demonic phantoms. The air eagle spirit tells the player that kronyin has released its army of demon phantoms. The jammer is teleported yet again to the main excavation site to free the earth wolf spirit and a few wolf workers as well. Once the earth wolf spirit's free, Kronyin will attack the phantoms and tear apart some of the excavation machines. Once it has eaten a few of the phantoms, Mira appears and slams into Kronyin, then fires yang energy at the phantom god. At this point, you must assist Mira by attacking Kronyin as well. Depending on the weapon you chose, you must attack it by firing arrows at Kronyin if you've chosen the bow or slice its tentacles and and kill the demon phantoms using your sword if you picked it. After dealing 15 hits to it, it will fall into the pits bowels, then all of the demon phantoms turn into dust. The earth wolf spirit and air eagle spirit will thank you and leave. You are then teleported to where you first started. There, the alphas will tell you that Mira has now gone back to sarepia and Kronyin is now going to hibernate for 4,000 years. Once they finish talking you will go back to the base camp.


  • 500 gems
  • Giant Phantom Goop
  • Prophecy stone tablet
  • Elemental Boomseeds
  • 1,000 gems


  • This is the first appearance of Mira in an adventure.
  • The Spirit Animals from the last adventure have a much larger role in this adventure than in the last adventure.
  • This is the third boss(ses) in the Adventure series that is not the phantom king.
  • This is Peck's first appearance in an adventure.