Loons will be the fourth bird, and they can fly, swim, and walk. An all access animal. They cost 5 diamonds in the Diamond Shop.


The Loon is black for feet, face, and feathers for color 1 and white for color 2. It has red eyes. Its beak is grey but you cannot change its color.



Sit: like a eagle

Play: They sing and yodel

Dance: they do a quick tap dance

Sleep: They sleep on a cloud with their bill tucked into their wings

Hop: They hop straight up and dive down


Pose: egg beats legs in sit-like form

Dive: Darts down as if hunting

Swirl: Swims in circle flapping wings

Play: Blows a Bubble then pops it

Dance: Does the worm


  • They are the fifth ( penguin, seal, otter, polar bear, loon) both land and sea animal.
  • They are the fourth bird.
  • They are the first water and sky animal.
  • They have their own pattern.