The King Cobra is a members only animal. They cost 10 diamonds and are related to the Snake, but kind of more larger.


King Cobra aj

It has a long, slender body. Has a rattle on tip of tail and a forked tongue. While standing still, his tail (and rattle) will move and his forked tongue will occasionally flick out of its mouth. It will start out as green on top of his body, grey on his stomach, a cream colored rattle (cannot change color of rattle) and a yellow stripe pattern going down the back. You will be able to see scales on its body but the visibility of them will be minimal.


  1. Sit (NW NE SW SE) : Sits on tail that is coiled up and the rest of the body is straight.
  2. Dance: A basket appears and the Cobra jumps in, then does the snake charmer dance, coming out of the basket.
  3. Sleep: Coils up in perfect ball and tongue sticks out as the Cobra sleeps.
  4. Play: Slithers around in a circle.
  5. Hop: Bounces on coil of tail

Clothing appearance

Can only wear neck items, back items, tail items and head items.


  • Its Alpha is name Bernard.
  • It was first found in the Sahara Desert.
  • It eats crickets and mice.