The Dunkleosteus is an extinct animal in real life. It is an underwater members-only animal at the Underwater Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.


In the world of Jamaa, It is only the size of a an AJ shark, although it still is a predator like such creatures as the tiger, wolf and crocodile of AJ. It's default color is silver for color 1, and white for color 2. It's eye color is yellow.



Play: It Snaps at the screen then swims upwards then dives down.

Dance: It does a fast hula.

Dive: It goes down, swirling around then it shoots upwards.

Pose: It poses like a shark, but mouth open.



  • The real life version of this was much much bigger than the AJ version.
  • It has its own adventure gate in the adventure In Too Deep.
  • Dunkle-passage and pixelated dunkleosteus glitch
    It gate has an glitch wich is it shows an pixelated Dunkleosteus.

Its name means "Dunkle's Bone".

Some people thinks it has a rivality with Megalodon.
. There was a glitch that when you buyed a dunkleosteus and named it "Old GrandPaw" it will be bigger than normal. This glitch got patched.