The Chachacha when it spawns. Notice the tag.

The Chachacha is a Fan-animal. Before being able to buy more, you must catch one. They have a 12.5% chance to jump out of a Labrynth Treasure Chest. They will lay on Mats you put in your den. If you remove one in the sky and the chachacha is on it, it will fall from the sky, leaving itself vulnerable. You must click one 5 times in order to catch one.

Default appearance

It is Violet with Orange markings when you first catch one. You cannot change it's flower's colors, but giving it a Lei will switch the colors out.


Dance: does Peaceful midair somersaults, then does Ballet with it's neck item.

Sit: Identical to the Bunny.

Play: makes goofy faces in the sky, then faceplants.

Sleep: lays on Belly, drooling.

Hop: Flies up, does a Somersault, lands down on feet, and repeats.


  • It is more likely to be Phantom-attacked when on an Adventure.,
  • It is quite fast, but with a Cheetah, you can catch one easily.
  • The odds change to 30.5% in a Sky Kingdom.