Anonani Sighting.

Possible Anonani Sighting?

This is a fan-made idea; she is not an actual character of Animal Jam.

Anonani is considered the younger sister of Mira. As tales say, she lived quietly at her sister's side as Jamaa was created. After Zios's mysterious death and Mira's disappearance, she was cast away into the depths of Jamaa, put into the form of a seal, and given the task to watch the Jammers amongst them and protect them along with the Alphas from Phantom attacks. It is said she holds special powers, which has seldom been revealed.

It is said she works alongside Harper, the Seal shaman, almost like an adoptive sister. Although she is a young seal, she often mentors Harper herself. But the Alphas one day found they couldn't keep in touch with her, and she remains a mystery. Possible sightings of Anonani have been dated around Animal Jam. Her general appearance is unknown, for often she is seen wearing a worn-down hoodie, with glowing white eyes. Little is known about her current state, but many myths and tales follow her. They may last forever.